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Introducing "When a Stepmom Prays" Devotional Prayer Journal:

Embark on a transformative 21-day journey with "When a Stepmom Prays," a devotional prayer journal meticulously crafted to guide stepmothers through the intricacies of blending their families using kingdom principles.


What's Inside:

  • Daily Devotionals & Scriptures: Immerse yourself in daily reflections and carefully selected scriptures tailored to address the unique challenges faced by stepmoms on their blending journey.

  • Daily Prayers: Connect with God through purposeful daily prayers designed to bring clarity, peace, and strength in navigating step challenges.

  • Practical Steps for Overcoming Challenges: Receive actionable steps to conquer specific "step challenges," empowering you to face them head-on with confidence and resilience.

  • Reflection Space: Capture your thoughts, emotions, and prayers on the provided journaling pages. Reflect on your personal growth and the divine guidance you receive.


Bonus Section: Unlock the power of prayer with our bonus section. Journal your intimate conversations with God, express your prayer requests, and witness the manifestation of answered prayers. This section not only aligns with the biblical principle of making your requests known but also encourages you to testify to God's faithfulness as you overcome challenges.


Transformative Benefits:

  • Deeper Relationship with God: Experience a profound spiritual connection that transcends the challenges of stepfamily life.

  • Renewed Perspective: Shift your focus from challenges to joy and success within your family, guided by the belief that God is greater than any obstacle.

  • Peace and Joy: Reclaim control of your peace and joy by implementing practical tools learned from the journal into your daily life.


Empowering Others: "When a Stepmom Prays" has already empowered numerous stepmoms to redefine their roles, breaking free from societal expectations. Join a community that understands the transformative power of prayer and gain the support needed to navigate your unique journey with confidence and grace.

Don't navigate the complexities alone; let "When a Stepmom Prays" be your guide to a purposeful and joy-filled stepmotherhood.


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Note: download GoodNotes app to write in your journal on your phones or other electronic devices

When a Stepmom Prays Devotional Prayer Journal (Digital)

  • We approichate your business, however due to the digital nature of the product there is no refund. In the case that you are experiencing issue opening up the file please contact customer service at and we will assist you, thank you. 

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