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When a Stepmom Prays


6 weeks coaching program ($997)


This program will help you grow spiritually, define your role as a stepmom, grow your confidence, teach you how to battle in the spirit, and partner with God for the success of your family.


Package Includes:

  •  Preliminary Assessment via email questionnaire 

  • meet 2x a week for 1hr for 6 weeks

  • Free copy of When a Stepmom Pray: 21 Days, Devotional Prayer Journal

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The Winning Couple


Single session $240

The sessions is for couple who are new to blending their family and want to learn how to set their family up for success and couples who are experienced with blended family and want to overcome step-challenges. The session will provide the tools to successfully navigate their current stressor. 

Package Includes: 

  •  Preliminary Assessment via email questionnaire 

  • 1x 90 minute Coaching Calls

  • 1x Support Emails as needed 

  •  Free digital copy of: When a Stepmom Pray: 21 Days Scriptures, Devotional Prayer Journal

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3 Sessions Package $300


This package allows you to dive deeper into your current situation to produce results beyond what a 1 session can produce. You can use all three session back to back or as needed.


Package Includes: 


  • Preliminary Assessment via email questionnaire 

  •  3x 45 minute Coaching Call

  • 3x Support Emails in between calls as needed

  • 25% off When a Stepmom Pray: 21 Days Devotional Prayer Journal

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1:1 Sessions

“Hi Winell!! Hope you are well. Thank you again for your time and insight. It’s amazing how just knowing there are others out there feeling what I feel and professionals like yourself seeking to help us. Literally bring tears of gratitude. Take care. Last thing, Your note taking game is real! Thank you for the detailed notes. I’m printing this and putting it on the fridge!”

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